Purchase & Sale – Seller Information Submission Form

Battaglia Law, PLLC (“Closing Agent”) has been engaged to serve as the closing agent in your sale transaction. In this capacity, Closing Agent shall:

  • prepare the necessary documents that will consummate the transaction contemplated by the Contract for Purchase/Sale executed between the parties (“Contract”);
  • ensure that the applicable settlement documents are properly executed;
  • ensure that costs and expenses are allocated between the parties pursuant to the terms of the Contract;
  • arrange for the collection, payment, and disbursement of closing proceeds and costs;
  • arrange for the recording of appropriate documents in the public records; and
  • arrange for the issuance of the title insurance commitment and policy.

No attorney-client relationship has been created by virtue of this engagement. If you anticipate that any documents will be executed via a Power of Attorney, this must be reported to Closing Agent, with a copy of the Power of Attorney document provided to Closing Agent immediately.

Required Federal Reporting. Federal law, 26 U.S.C. § 6045 requires that Closing Agent report certain information to the Internal Revenue Service. You are required by law to provide Closing Agent with your correct taxpayer identification number. If you do not provide Closing Agent with your correct taxpayer identification number, you may be subject to civil or criminal penalties imposed by law.

To assist Closing Agent in efficiently handling your closing, please timely provide the below information:

    Seller #1 Information

    Marital Status: SingleMarriedWidow Is Seller #1 a U.S. citizen or lawfully-admitted permanent resident? YesNo Seller #2 Information Marital Status: SingleMarriedWidown/a Is Seller #2 a U.S. citizen or lawfully-admitted permanent resident? YesNon/a (no Seller #2) Is the property you are selling your residence? YesNo Do you plan to attend closing in person? YesNo Does this property have a homeowners or condominium association? YesNo If yes: Are you represented by an attorney in this transaction? YesNo If yes: Do you have a survey? YesNo If yes, please attach: If yes, have there been any improvements or construction to your property or adjoining properties since the date of the survey? YesNo Do you have an existing owner's title insurance policy? YesNo If yes, please attach: Is there an existing mortgage on the property? YesNo If yes, please attach a recent statement:

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