(a) Issuance. Executions on judgments shall issue during the life of the judgment on the oral request of the party entitled to it or that party’s attorney without praecipe. No execution or other final process shall issue until the judgment on which it is based has been recorded nor within the time for serving a motion for new trial or rehearing, and if a motion for new trial or rehearing is timely served, until it is determined; provided execution or other final process may be issued on special order of the court at any time after judgment.

(b) Stay. The court before which an execution or other process based on a final judgment is returnable may stay such execution or other process and suspend proceedings thereon for good cause on motion and notice to all adverse parties.

Disclaimer: The Florida Rules of Civil Procedure have been reproduced here in their entirety and are being provided as a courtesy and free of charge. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these rules as of the date reproduced herein, these rules are provided with no guaranty or warranty, whatsoever, as to accuracy or currentness. No copyright is claimed to the text of the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure.

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