Buyer Information Submission Form

Battaglia Law, PLLC (“Closing Agent”) has been engaged to serve as the closing agent in your purchase transaction. In this capacity, Closing Agent shall:

  • prepare the necessary documents that will consummate the transaction contemplated by the Contract for Purchase/Sale executed between the parties (“Contract”);
  • ensure that the applicable settlement documents are properly executed;
  • ensure that costs and expenses are allocated between the parties pursuant to the terms of the Contract;
  • arrange for the collection, payment, and disbursement of closing proceeds and costs;
  • arrange for the recording of appropriate documents in the public records; and
  • arrange for the issuance of the title insurance commitment and policy.

Unless and until a separate Agreement of Representation is executed, no attorney-client relationship has been created by virtue of this engagement. If you anticipate that any documents will be executed via a Power of Attorney, this must be reported to Closing Agent, with a copy of the Power of Attorney document provided to Closing Agent immediately. If more than one individual is purchasing this property, unless a contrary indication is indicated to Closing Agent in writing, title will vest as follows:

  • Married persons: title will vest as tenants by the entirety
  • Non-married persons: title will vest as joint tenants with the right of survivorship

Questions regarding vesting of title may be directed to Closing Agent, or to your attorney, if you have one.

If you have a lender, a survey will be required. In some situations, your seller may have a survey that satisfies this requirement. However, sometimes a new survey is required. If a new survey is required, you hereby authorize Closing Agent to engage a surveyor on your behalf, with the charges for said survey to be paid at closing. However, you acknowledge that, in the event that this transaction does not close, you will still be responsible for these charges, and will pay the surveyor directly.

To assist Closing Agent in efficiently handling your closing, please timely provide the below information:

    Marital Status SingleMarriedWidow

    Marital Status SingleMarriedWidown/a (no Buyer #2)

    Are you applying for a mortgage loan?

    If yes:

    Will the property you are purchasing be your primary residence?


    Will you be local to our office around the closing date?


    Please provide the name and contact information of your attorney or law firm representing you, if any:

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